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IlluminateSolar Ceiling™- Pro Solar Ceiling Light Indoor/Outdoor

IlluminateSolar Ceiling™- Pro Solar Ceiling Light Indoor/Outdoor

By Solar Energy Lighting

✔️ Comes with a full 3 year warranty

✔️ IP65-Rated built to last

✔️ 100% Solar powered & self-sufficient

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Solar Ceiling Light

Solar powered, 7W/6V solar panel, faster charging, large capacity 6000mAh lithium battery can power LED solar light for up to 6-12 hours, ceiling light is 9.5 inches in diameter, 125 2835LED lamp beads , providing 1600LM, which can illuminate a space of 80 square meters.

Outdoor solar light with remote control

Solar wall light is controlled by remote control, which can adjust the brightness of the light (50%/100%), timing mode (3H/5H/8H), AUTO mode (charging during the day, automatic lighting at night).

Easy Installation

Compared with the traditional solar light, we separate the solar panel and the main light body, the waterproof cable length is 5 meters/16.5 feet, so it can be used indoors and outdoors, at the same time, you can choose to install it in On the ceiling or wall, it can be used as a ceiling light, wall light or pendant light.

Durable and Waterproof

Solar floodlights are made of high-strength ABS+PC material with a waterproof rating of IP65, which can withstand rain, wind, snow, ice and wet conditions. Sealed design to prevent mosquitoes from entering, suitable for use in any environment, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, garden, balcony, patio, garage, camping, stairs, barn, storage shed, basement and other spaces.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Real 0 electricity bill, save energy and protect the environment. 

Installation and use prompts:

  • 1: Please install the lamp in an open place to ensure that the solar panel is directly facing the sun without any obstruction.
  • 2: Before you use it for the first time, make sure that the light bulb is charged at least 8 hours in the sun.
  • 3: Please make sure that the solar panel is not irradiated by other light sources, otherwise it will interfere with the work of the sensor (built -in solar panel), which will cause the lights to not be on.
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  • Save on Your Bills

    With USB-rechargeable,solar-powered, and auto-on-off technology, our LED lights offer brightness with the highest energy efficiency.

  • Easy to Use

    Our home and garden lights require no wiring or drilling. We bring lighting to wherever it's needed in the simplest way possible.

  • Premium Quality

    We source only the best components and materials, and partner with experienced manufacturers to deliver reliable quality products.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our helpful live customer service team is always available to lend a helping hand. From installation questions to help with lighting ideas!

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How long does delivery take?

You can expect your package to arrive within 6-12 days. Our warehouses are located in the US. Depending on where the customer is located in the US, shipping times can vary slightly.

What is the warranty policy that we offer?

We give our customers a 30-day money back guarantee. And that's not all! After that period has passed, we offer 3-year guaranteed replacements.

What kind of photocell are used in the lights?

From dusk to dawn, our lamps use photocell technology, which enables them to automatically turn ON or OFF in response to the amount of daylight and the time of day. Using the lamp's built-in power switch and the remote, you can manually turn them ON and
OFF as well.

How long does the lighting last at night?

With fewer than 6 hours of charging during the day, our lights may be left on all night.

Are cables required for the installation?

All of our lamps are wireless. As easy as it sounds, all you need to do is choose the spot that you want to light up and switch the lamp on and off.

What are the minimum and maximum temperatures that the lights can endure?

The highest quality materials used to build the lamps help them endure temperatures as low as -45C and even with snow or ice on their panel, they will still be charging. Isn't that amazing?

I have a question that is not here... What should i do?

Send us an email at and we will reach you within one working day!

Our Mission

Take one small step to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Energy Lighting has taken part in the design to manufacturing process of all our lights.
We use only recyclable materials and create a light source that eliminates the possibility of the light being accidentally left on, when not needed. We have by far offered the necessary brightness to millions of UK household, which means cutting tons of emissions per year.




    With the IlluminateSolarMega street light, I am incredibly happy. In order to make it considerably safer at night, last year I bought a 2-pack and placed them in both our backyard at home and one at our holiday house. Since then, I've added about 8 more lights to my set. They practically install in seconds and are quite hassle-free. There is absolutely no need for cables or electricity!

     - Tom B.



    I adore these lights so much. So compact and trendy, yet so powerful and bright, and so simple to instal and use the remote for. I've now purchased three, and I wholeheartedly suggest them.

    - Stephen R.



    I recently bought two lights, and I'm really pleased with them. The lights are easy to instal and brilliant. Zero wires. Has been raining for one whole day and they are still excellent; I definitely suggest them.

    - Mary F.

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